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Monitor Stand-Metal Origami-Executive Edition

Monitor Stand-Metal Origami-Executive Edition

Discover the beauty of folding metal by hand! Our unique technology allows us to fold high quality, thick gauge materials to realize some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of decor. This unique monitor stand embraces the beauty of Japanese Origami art and combines it with a functional sleek look. Our team has been working with folded metal for over 10 years developing complex structural components for aerospace and automotive industries, and now we are bringing the beauty of high quality metals to consumers. Our unique technology allows parts to be folded by hand by you at home and we can ship your product in a flat package. We custom tailor our products to fit the dimensions of our customers and we can uniquely specify metals with vintage patinas and unique looks.

We use high power fiber lasers, water jet cutting, and even chemical etching to produce some of the most complex folding lines in our products. Our unique process allows us to fold metal at high precision to create strong and durable parts with a high quality finish. The combination of metals and wood and different metal finishes allows for a beautiful look weather for office or home. I hope you enjoy the designs, and get in touch to be part of our first batch of products and specify your unique finish.


  • Height: 5.0 inches

  • Width: 28 inches

  • Depth: 8 inches

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