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Enabling industries to build lighter, stronger, more accurately and with more material options through advanced sheet metal forming techniques


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Ronin Metal Masters created a patented kerf bending technology that has several key advantages when designing sheet metal structures.

  • Bending accuracy is baked in by the CNC cutter

  • Extremely high strength and hardened materials such as Titanium G5 and Al 7075 can be formed with extremely small radii

  • Bending forces are reduced allowing for forming high strength materials on more common machinery

  • Components can be shipped in the flat and bent up on site by hand, robot, or other methods

  • Curved bends, internal bends, and other complex structures are easily possible with our method


Hire us to take advantage of our experience in appliances, automotive, construction, displays, furniture, solar, and transportation, when creating your own product.


Have a design but need help to make it? Our network of suppliers are already familiar with Ronin Metal Masters' technology and will get it done for you.


Already using Ronin Metal Masters technology? We've got your back


Browse our selection of products made with Ronin Metal Masters technology. Ronin Bicycle Works creates durable and stylish rear bike baskets. Bend A Shed designed the easiest and strongest shed bracket system on the market.

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